About me

The world is made out of thousands of stories – this site is simply a tiny space where I want to share a bit of mine.

[WORK] I work in Communications for Social Development »

[DANCE] I am a dance performer »

[PHOTO] I am an amateur photographer »

[VEG] I am an advocate for veg*nism

[MEDITATION] I am a vipassana meditator

I am blogger

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[EMAIL] cesar.roblesb@gmail.com

[CV] http://www.linkedin.com/in/cesarrobles

[TWITTER ] @cesarroblesb

[WORK] http://www.helvetas.org

[DIET] http://www.goveg.com

[DANCE] http://www.agua-azul.ch

[DANCE] http://www.americabaila.ch

[MEDITATION] http://www.dhamma.org

[VEG*NISM] http://www.peta.org

[SPORTS] http://www.activfitness.ch


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